Looking for a a place where you can be your rebel self and meet fellow creative rebels?

You found it!



Let me guess why you landed on this page...

You are here because you're tired of the bullshit, you don't need any more "expert advice," and the last thing you want to read is yet another top 10 listicle, life hack, or 6-figure income report.

You would rather do what you feel called to do and trust your own judgment over that of other people's advice. You'd rather dedicate your life to improving lives over mindlessly chasing profit.

You would rather stand out in your creative industry than fit in it.

The Creative Rebel Academy is for the rebels, misfits, and nonconformists who have OD'ed on the sameness of the Internet. For the creatives who want to create unique creative brands and businesses. 

We are all rebels here. We understand how important it is to carve your own path before others do it for you. To create your own rules and trust your gut, now matter what other people call you. To be unique in a pool of sameness in a competitive industry. To be real while others are too busy making a good impression.

You will find your voice, your style, and your unique path here. I have no doubt about it. Question is, Are you ready to embrace all that you are, even the weird parts, and then share them with us? To trust your gut even when it doesn't make any sense?

I hope you just answered yes.

We can support that decision and be the change you've been waiting and looking for.

If you're ready for your own personal revolution, start your journey here.


The long story.


Hi, my name is Violeta Nedkova, and this is my story.

I spent my life silenced by everybody else.

When I was a child, I didn't understand the other girls, so I kept quiet. When I was a teenager, I alienated my entire class because I wouldn't sign a document. When I finally grew up, I realized that society's idea of a good life didn't fit me at all

So I fumbled my way through sucky jobs and temporary projects.

Not all those who wander are lost.

For the longest time, my life was that quote by Tolkien. Except, I was wandering and I was lost. 

After jumping from job to job (or what they call "adulting"), I realized I would probably never find my place in this world. I would never fit in.

I immersed myself in things I loved - writing, traveling, and online projects. My travels took me here and there, but through it all, I kept starting projects on the Internet because that was the only release I could find for the rebel within.

In 2012, things started changing.

I had just found the world of entrepreneurship and my latest side project was gaining attention like Gangbusters. Before I knew it I was asked to consult people on marketing their startups. I was completely in over my head, but enjoying it nevertheless.

Everything was going great. That is, until I started asking myself questions.

I had become completely disillusioned with marketing.

How could I have chosen something so soulless?! Why could I never enjoy what I had? And why could I be more like the "normal" people?

When you’re really good at something that you enjoy, you have to at least try to make it work.

Despite a steady stream of clients, I dropped marketing... only to come back to it in 2014. However, I was still confused about my "purpose in life," so I consulted with a coach who told me that marketing had to fit me, not the other way around.


The idea that the world could fit me instead of me constantly trying to fit it was a game changer.

A rebel was reborn that day.

If you're nodding along, you have a rebel inside of you, waiting for permission to be reawakened. This is that moment you've been waiting for.

After I completely reinvented what marketing was supposed to look - and feel like - for me, I spent the following year setting up my business and centered it around the phrase "creative rebels." I knew it was meant to be because it came from deep inside and people resonated with the new message.

That’s when I realized I had the best of both worlds - I loved my message and my people loved my message.

I finally felt like I fit into my own life.

Everyone was happy.

But even though I had this cool phrase and a new purpose, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was still doing something wrong. Was that it? Why did it feel like it was just a part of the puzzle?

Because it was.

There's always a next step to be taken. And you can never see that next step until you are there. 

My next step was to find others like me.

We are not islands. We achieve so much more together than individually. 

As I started discovering fellow "creative rebels," it felt like I was secretly building a club of NO-BULLSHITTERS and WORLD-CHANGERS. Those were the people I looked up to, the people who did not build their entire lives around someone else's ideas. The people who were in the shadows, but also shone brighter than most others.

The misfits, nonconformists, REBELS. 

The final - rather obvious - step was to make the actual clubhouse.

(Hint: You're looking at it.)

Enter, the Academy.

The Creative Rebel Academy is not just a site, it's an experience.

During the 2 months that it lasts, you will have everything you need to completely transform your existing brand/business, and even your life. Just like I did. 

In the Academy you will find mad curations, rebellious guides, and a group of people who share your values. It is not another cookie-cutter course you take only to feel empty afterwards. It is the ultimate program for creative rebels.

Never allow the world to bully you into fitting in; be proud and stand out.

Outside of the 2 months, you will enjoy the best "rebel content" brought to you on the blog. You will see that you are not alone and that there are tons of people out there who want to reinvent the wheel but are afraid that the world will reject them, just like you and I have been.

It's time to make the Internet a little less noisy and a hell of a lot more interesting.

It's time to show the world how real, creative, and revolutionary we can be.

Are you in, rebel?

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom with big dreams or the head of a successful company who wishes to turn back the clock, you belong here. If you resonate, you're a creative rebel who can do so much more with the cards you've been given. I want to see you live the life you yearn to live, the life you deserve. Are you ready?

I believe you're ready for what comes next - your own personal revolution.

I'll be right beside you and so will the entire Rebel Community.


p.s. The manifesto.


The Rebel Manifesto, made by Meg Kissack