All the rebel things.

All the rebel things.

You know how sometimes you find all the things?!

And you want to SHARE all the things?

Well... I generally do that on twitter, but tweets last a few moments and then they're gone. I also curate for the Rebel Digest, but there had been so many rebellious things during the holidays that I couldn't give you most of the links.

And nobody enjoys being flooded so... how about as a compromise we put them all over here? Below are all of the rebel links and things I have found and curated during early December of 2016 and early January of 2017.

I know they're a lot, but that's how I roll. Pick out your favorites and go to crazy town. And let me know if you want more posts like this one. It's a real pleasure for me to curate, but I won't do it on the blog unless you request it.


  1. You know Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator? She's an art fanatic and collector who used to be jealous of all of these amazing artists she discovered, but now creates her own beautiful and unique art. Check it out!!!
  2. I was so excited to hear about The Ampersand Project, an audio series on Soundcloud by Marissa Burdett of She opens up completely in each short episode and gives us all of her insights without being overbearing. Probably my favorite rebel project this month. Episode 6 is the best!
  3. Steph Haligan really outdid herself with her newest cartoon We the Dots, where she illustrates how love must always "trump" division (wink wink). 
  4. Jason Zook gave an honest review of The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday, saying it was the most important book he had ever read.
  5. A lot of people jumped on the Create So Much They Can't Ignore You frenzy. This illustrated article by Alex Mathers definitely struck a chord.
  6. Sarah Joy Shockey is such a creative rebel, she tells her stories on notecards. Read this wonderful story about Uncle Bob on Medium. You will feel all the feels as you go through the story, and you won't know what got you.
  7. Truth is, most things are noise and you have to learn to Ignore Everything. That's the title of one of the best recordings from Asia Croson yet.
  8. Brad Montague has been cranking out inspirational videos on Youtube, but everyone's favorite has been "a story about a bird." I also very much enjoyed his smuggling kid art experiment and his I am because you were plea.
  9. Grant Spanier can tell you all about side projects and stuff worth doing.
  10. While the world is hustling, being busy, and going too fast, one woman is doing slow living experiments. Cait Flanders never ceases to amaze.
  11. One of the MOST hilarious things I have ever read is Pitch Imperfect, where Geraldine from The Everywhereist shows us the email pitches she gets and how she answers, most of the time in unexpected and laugh-out-loud ways. 
  12. Derek Sivers gives a reality check on the balance between your job and art.
  13. Big time rebel designer James Victore gave a hilarious and insightful speech on 99u about your work being your gift, not a commodity. 
  14. My new favorite podcast to listen to is Glitter & Co with Lauren Frontiera, where Kayla Hollatz last spoke about the changes in her business. 
  15. This poem is for girls who say "I'm not like other girls." Says it all.
  16. There is a lot of wisdom in moments when you think "game over," but actually the game is just starting. Read this story about a hack-turned-blessing.
  17. Finally, I have embedded the video below because you have to hear and see what Jedidiah Jenkins has to say and show you. You will feel more awake after watching, just as he feels more awake when he's traveling.

Aren't all of these things and peeps so creative and rebellious?

(I had about 20 more links in my folder, but decided to spare you, haha.)

Makes you want to throw everything away and chase your dreams. Or join a group of people doing it together. Well, you know what I'll say - you can join the rebel community and we'll cheer you on, on your path to your true self.

But anyway...

Let me know in the comments if you want this to be a regular blog thing. After all, nothing makes me happier than curating rebellions.

Rebel on. And rebel out.


Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate writer, creative business owner, and chief creative rebel at the Creative Rebel Academy.

She believes that everything you do should be as unique as you. Say hi on twitter!




Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate entrepreneur and creative rebel who believes that everything you do should be as unique as you. She loves tweeting, curating rebellious things and people, and writing until the sun comes up.