From Overworked Robot to Joyful Digital Nomad by Jessica Safko

From Joyless Robot to Digital Nomad, a Rebel Story by Jessica Safko
I woke up one morning and felt like the life that I created was like an old pair of shoes that didn’t fit anymore.

It was as if someone else put this life together and I was living it on autopilot until that morning. This life had a beautiful apartment in Los Angeles, a lovely group of supportive friends, an amazing relationship with an incredible man, and a dog who gave endless cuddles and kisses.

From the outside it didn’t seem too bad but it felt so far from right.

I worked so hard to look like I had it all and I thought I proved to myself that I did have it all. There was so much missing and now I finally saw it. I woke up that morning looking around at my spacious, sunny apartment and thought to myself,

“Was this it? Did I put in all this work to only be left feeling like something was deeply missing? To feel like my soul wasn’t truly fulfilled?”

The truth behind this all not feeling right was that I was so beyond overworked that I couldn’t even enjoy my life. I was working 12 hour days, almost 7 days a week on my business. I commuted from my bed to home office and pretty much only left to eat and sleep. I had minimal human contact throughout the day and felt lonely, unsatisfied, and endlessly glued to my computer.

I felt like if I stopped, the whole world would come down tumbling over me and I wouldn’t know how to put it back together again.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I loved my business but I knew if I wasn’t filling myself up, then how could I be of service to anyone? I was actually doing a disservice to everyone around me because I was an overworked robot that was desperately seeking freedom.

That morning, I decided to move out of my apartment so I could have space to decide what my next step was. It was devastating to leave someone I truly loved but I couldn’t love anyone else back fully until I fell back in love with my own life. I’ve always had the dream of selling all my things, packing my bags and traveling the world for a while. The desire had been there since high school but I often filed it away in the “things I’ll do one day”.

So I started feeling out my options. I went on travel research overload. I was looking into how people live as nomads and if this was possible for me. That life sounded absolutely magical! I knew I had to take the jump because if not now, when?

My family thought I was a bit crazy, some of my friends thought it was a phase, and so many people were telling me how unsafe, unpractical, and all together insane I was for buying a one-way ticket to Morocco. (Don’t get me wrong - there were also many supportive people and I’m beyond thankful for them.) I enjoy taking risks and living on the edge, but I’ve never done anything of this magnitude before.

Six months go by (after that definitive morning) and I am getting on a plane from New York to Morocco.

When the plane took off I could not stop crying.

The guy next to me probably thought I was a nut case. I thought to myself when I come back on US ground (if I ever do), I will not be the same person.

It was almost like I was shedding layers of myself. Shedding all the layers of this life I thought I had to live for others, society, and myself to label as appropriate. I was terrified, nervous, and beyond excited for what was to come.

Since then...

I have stood under the stars in complete awe in the Sahara desert, met lifelong friends who became family, hiked up to temples in South Korea, meditated with a monk, danced all night until the sun came up in Berlin, got utterly lost in Thailand, and reconnected and fell back in love with myself. I feel like I am finally living this delicious, juicy life I’ve always imagined for myself and I have no plans of ever looking back. (Don’t get me wrong - it’s not always glamorous or fun, but it’s well worth the ride.)

I am now 7 months into living out of my suitcase and traveling the world.

I have found the way of life that fills my soul, heart, and inspiration. It may not be the most conventional lifestyle but I’ve never felt so alive. It may have been easier for me to settle and not leave everything behind to take this journey, but I chose to take a risk because staying in my comfort zone became too painful.

I knew deep down that something way better was waiting for me on the other side.

If you have a deep feeling that there’s something better out there for you, go follow it with your whole heart.

It may not make sense at first and you may hit some major bumps along the way, but if you settle for a life that you think you are supposed to live, you are missing out on the true fullness that life (in general) has to offer. 



The moment I got off the plane in Berlin, my smile did not stop! Berlin has become my favorite city in the entire world. It’s bursting with creativity, misfits like myself, and epic parties which made it very hard to leave this magical place.


This was one of my top travel moments thus far.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time where I was able to experience a Loy Krathong festival in a smaller city of Thailand called Sukothai. We lit candles where we let them go into the water which symbolizes letting go hatred and anger. The festival was small, intimate, and insanely beautiful.

A memory I will NEVER forget.


One of the 1st weeks of my travels in Fes, Morocco. I went to a beautiful resort with some girlfriends where we overdosed on Moroccan mint tea and heavenly cookies. I felt so free, alive, and really sweaty.


I hiked up a mountain in Seoul, South Korea, and ended up here, but also ventured up further to a strange place called Hello Kitty island.

The entrance fee was $2 and I think it may have been the best $2 ever spent. Beautiful view + nonstop laughter at this random Hello Kitty museum!


These photos will forever make me laugh!

Doing this little photo shoot with my friend Harris made us miss the bus back home and I stepped in a huge red ant hill which covered my entire foot in those little demons.


Your intuition is always guiding you, so get in touch with where it is leading you to go.

Through all of my travels so far I’ve learned a lot about myself, life, different cultures, and people. One thing that I learned early on in my traveling journey is that: 

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t settle for a life that doesn’t fit you.


Jessica Safko is the lady boss behind Love Plus Color where she teaches fellow entrepreneurs how to design brands, grow their business and social media presence like wildfire.

She currently lives out of her suitcase while she travels the world and runs her online business on the go.




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