"What's a creative rebel?"


You would not believe how often I hear this.

Or how often people come to me and say they're confused and that they don't think they're rebels... and that's coming from the biggest creative rebels out there. (According to little me.) What's a rebel anyway? Is it a person who lives outside of society and always rejects the status quo? One of them 1 percenters?!

No wonder people are confused! That's not what a creative rebel is.

A creative rebel is a person unafraid to be themselves and do things their way. 

Even though I have absolutely no authority to be giving such definitions, I think that maybe it's important to have this here, so that you'll have the confidence and clarity you need to believe - you fit somewhere and we want you here, so bad.

Creative rebellion is all about authenticity. About being loud and proud of who you are and how you do things. It's about letting your creativity follow your natural instincts instead of waiting for someone to tell you how to create or what to do next or how your creative business should operate. You're in charge of those decisions.

It's about going along with your crazy ideas without judgment.

This is not just a site, it is a community of creative people who are free to express ourselves as we wish. Of people who understand the importance of carving your own path, making your own mark, and standing out in a sea of sameness.

We don't do what we do to be original, we do it because we must.




"Who's we???"

Ah so you've noticed I use we a lot around the site...

"We" is the creator of the site - Violeta Nedkova - and her lovely Virtual Assistant - Meaghan Gallant. Sometimes Violeta uses we to refer to the Rebel Community because she doesn't want to be super ego-centric in this place. Ya know?

(Kind of like writing about herself in the third person as she is doing now.)

"Can I join the Academy?"

We start Season One on March 13, but you can enter late and get access to everything that's been released. The only thing you'll miss are the Happy Hours in the rebel community, but if you join before May 19, you'll still be able to join us. 

Go here to learn all about Season One >>

"How can I help the Academy?"

We'll be looking for sponsors soon, so we can make the rebel experience even better and continue to grow the rebel blog. We just ask that anyone we partner up with share our community values - nonconformity, creativity, authenticity, transparency, etc.

We'll also be looking for discounts, so if you have a tool or product for a community of multipassionate creatives and misfit business owners, let us know. 

"Any submission guidelines for the blog?"

Yes, there are guidelines, please read them before submitting.

The guidelines for Rebel Stories can be found on this page, but bear in mind, we're not looking for life stories, but for moments in time when you went against expectation. Also, try not to forget the reader, as you are sharing this story to help them.

For Rebel Reposts, just send us the link(s) to your more rebellious and authentic blog posts and we'll consider reposting them on the rebel blog. (Bear in mind, we do not accept posts that have been published to more than one place.) At the end of the repost we'll include a note it was originally published on your blog. 

Finally, we also accept original guest post ideas. Just pitch them first.

"I want V. on my podcast!"

*blush* I would love to talk to you, too! 

I have been interviewed previously on the following podcasts: Make It HappenThe CouragemakersA Boundless World, and some others.

Can't wait to spill my guts all over the place. :D

"Can I say hello?"

YES! We love hearing from you, and we always answer.

Go to Contact and use the form or... email us directly at hello@violetanedkova.com or... if you want a faster answer (cos the inbox, it's flooding),  tweet us!