Join the Rebel Community!

Inside you'll find multipassionate creatives and misfit entrepreneurs who share your values, enthusiasm, and frustration with the sameness of the Internet. The community exists for creative rebels to meet, support each other, and learn together.

(Currently we are doing weekly rebel chats, creative challenges, and more!)

Applying is not a guarantee you'll be added because we have specific goals for this private group. The facebook family, however, is open to all.

Rebel Community fun on Slack.

Why people join...

steph square.jpg

I've always been a bit of a rebel and never quite fit in with the "normal" people (or maybe that's just because I'm socially awkward). So I'd love to join a community of online entrepreneurs that aren't just regurgitating the same stuff as everyone else.

-Stephanie de Geus

55 elin j loow 300.jpg

Being a creative rebel can sometimes be scary, hard and somewhat lonely. But when we find people driven by passions similar to our own, everything becomes easier. To connect with others that are rebellious too makes us stronger and braver, and it's a big source of joy to create alongside others! That's why I wanted to join the rebel community. :)

-Elin Lööw

atul is awesome.jpg

Rebelling out on my own path and making my own game is super exciting and fun, but is equally lonely & stressful. Even though Facebook and Instagram are awesome places for creatives, it lacks the feeling of a community and belongingness. I haven't "made it" yet, but I'm willing to grind my ass off and make shit happen. And I believe the Rebel Community is full of such driven individuals, with whom I can discuss, collaborate and form a real friendship.

-Atul Pradhananga

rebecca thering FINAL yes.png

To meet other creative rebels so we can encourage one another, spark ideas, and take action that will make positive changes in the world!

-Rebecca Thering