Welcome to the ultimate 2-month experience for creative rebels!

If you feel out of place with the rest of the Internet, this program may be for you. (It's an experience actually.) It's designed to get you to stop fitting in and go back to the magic of standing out.

Because everything you do needs to be as unique as you.



The School of Rebels is where you learn new creative (business or not) skills from fellow rebels.

Our Rebel Instructors will tell you the things most experts don't say and teach you unique skills you can adapt to your own creative brand or business.

Things you'll learn: lettering, creative content, and how to find your style, to name a few.

For the 2 and a half months you attend the Academy, you'll get 10 lessons (1 lesson per week).

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The Creative Rebel Database is the biggest curation of rebel resources on the Internet. It includes: rebels, books, videos, blogs, tools, projects, vlogs, publications, podcasts, and so on.

If you're tired of the sameness and the noise of the Internet, you'll be mighty inspired by all the people and their crazy projects and stories.

As soon as we start, you will get a new curation in your inbox every Wednesday.

See a sample mini curation >>



Every Academy needs its own library!

The Creative Rebel Library is where we store: freebies, guides, and discounts that you never knew you needed. These resources will be vital for the completion of your rebel program.

Every week you'll get a rebel guide, freebies, and discounts to products and tools that are also in the Database - tools and products that will help your creative brand grow and stand out online.

See some of my rebel guides >> 



The Creative Rebel Community is a private group where you'll meet fellow rebels, get support for your crazy projects, and share rebel moments.

There will be the usual things - accountability, cheerleading, and monthly chats, but there will also be weekly challenges and games for the entire community to enjoy and learn from.

The best part about the Rebel Community?

Once you become a member, you'll never have to leave, not even when the program ends.

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The Rebel Reset is a video series that aims to reawaken your rebel within. The Internet has become so BS-full and the only way to counteract that is to create unique blogs, brands, and businesses

In this series we will shake things up in our chosen creative fields and transform our brands so they stand out more in a sea of sameness online.

There will be fun exercises and I'll be doing them right alongside you. (:

Watch a sample video exercise >>



How it works.

  1. Every Monday we do serious work - lessons and exercises.
  2. Every Wednesday we get you set up with rebel resources.
  3. Every Friday we have FUN with theme chats (and games) in the Slack community.

Our main goals.

  • To break through all the BS.
  • To shake up your creative brand, business or project. 
  • To finally get things DONE.
  • To re-ignite the creative spark.
  • To give you the support and push you need to FLY.

This is for...

  • bloggers
  • multipassionates
  • creative business owners
  • side hustlers
  • rebels, duh

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